In 2017, Health Care Business Services, LLC rebranded and is now SalesTracings at SalesTracings.com. Please click on our logo above or the links provided to visit our website and learn more about how SalesTracings can help you track your sales to the end user, manage your relationships, measure your effectiveness, reach your objectives and grow your business.



helping companies Access, Track & Manage Sales


SalesTracings has a hosted solution with a low start-up cost, reasonable monthly fees, no software to purchase or install and no databases to manage.  Radius™ is easy to use, information rich and advantageous for any organization that wishes to increase sales, market share and improve financial performance.


§  Distributor & Direct Sales

§  Distributor Chargebacks/Rebates

§  Contract Management & Renewals

§  Distributor Pricing

§  Sales Assignment & Commissions

§  Sales Performance & Reporting

§  GPO Membership & Matching

§  Business Intelligence

§  GPO Fee Reporting

§  Analytics & Dashboards


Real Solutions, Easy to use & Cost Effective


Our solutions allow executives to manage trading partner relationships more effectively, maximizing sales growth and profitability. Our services help companies meet financial and operational requirements, attain critical visibility into their supply chain, and act decisively.


§  Operational Efficiencies

§  Managerial Efficiencies

§  Cost Reductions

§  Overpayment Prevention

§  Increased Capabilities

§  Increased Control

§  Increased Flexibility

§  Increased Sales

§  Increased Profitability

§  Increased Market Share


If you can’t measure, you can’t manage!  You can measure every key metric with Radius™. For more information: contact us at 401.334.6734 or via our website at SalesTracings.com.




“As they say, knowledge is power in business, and our relationship with SalesTracings is allowing us to access accurate, usable customer data (knowledge) at all levels of our organization.  Our sales team, from Territory Manager to Director of Sales, has the ability to identify trends like never before, giving them the ability to grow opportunities and stabilize challenges.  We could not be happier with SalesTracings.” — DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL ACCOUNTS, WEST COAST MANUFACTURER